Or the problem of replicability in science.

I believe the scientific method is the one invention that really changed the humanity course. Every other invention since the 17th century happened as a result, so we need to thank our quality of life, health, technology progress and many other great things, for this revolutionary way of developing solutions.

However, we are in 2021 and the trust in science is the lowest it has ever been and many of us just feel lost. Look for anything online and you can find dozens, sometimes thousands of studies that contradict each other. Want to find a study that says smoking is…

Before we fully embrace Remote Work, we must understand what might lie ahead.

What I’m about to write will sound crazy to some of you. That’s not my goal. I just want to make sure that before we embrace Remote Work, we understand what might lie ahead.

I’ve been working remotely for more than 2 years. I run a boutique innovation consulting firm. We have a core team of 6 people and then we work with a network of consultants that support specific projects. By design, remote work fits us well. Our work requires focus, concentration and deep work, something easier to obtain when we don’t have distractions. Until COVID-19 hit, we met…

Time and time again, we have been asked what individuals and companies can do to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Even though there are no recipes, there are a few simple things, that can be done and that can really make a difference. We share, in this article, some of those things, with links to help you better understand what we mean. If you need help with any of this, let us know!

Understand the situation and be transparent about it

  • Release an annual Diversity Report. Look here and here for inspiration.
  • Release Pay Gap Information and an Action Plan to deal with it. …

Over the past seven years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) I’ve been writing about the books I read and about some of the learnings I took from them.

In 2020, I finally achieved my goal and ended up reading 33 books. However, even though I’m happy to have read more than 30 books (my goal), this year has been atypical and that had a strong impact on my reading.

I didn’t started the year strongly, but when COVID-19 hit I suddenly found myself with time in my hands and a strong desire to make the most out of it…

Sugestões de leitura na áreas da Sustentabilidade, Economia e Igualdade de Género

As minhas leituras para o Verão de 2020

2020 tem sido para mim, um ano rico em leituras. Entre ficção e não ficção já li quase 30 livros, todos eles aportando conhecimento e novas perspectivas ao trabalho que desenvolvo. Com a chegada das férias de Verão, o meu entusiasmo aumenta com a possibilidade de passar os dias na praia, a ler um dos muitos livros que tenho na minha wish-list.

Para ajudar na selecção de leituras para o Verão de 2020, partilho aqui os 5 livros que mais recomendo:

Portuguese Women in Tech Book Club

On June 27th, we held the first book discussion of the Portuguese Women in Tech Book Club. In this first session, we discussed Caroline Criado Perez’s book: Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men.

Caroline Criado Perez is a British feminist, activist, author and journalist. She is best known for the Women’s Room project, where she fought for female experts to be better represented in the media. She also successfully campaigned against the removal of the only woman from British banknotes. You should follow her on twitter.

The Gender Data Gap

You probably have heard about the gender pay gap and…

In 2019, I published a few articles in Portuguese and International media outlets about Feminism and the work we’ve been developing at Portuguese Women in Tech and about my experience as a Marshall Memorial Fellow.

In case you missed any of them or are looking for something to read, I thought I would put them here — all in one place.


Freedom for the 10 Percent Only

USA, China and the rest of the world, a love triangle


2020, o ano do tudo ou nada para a diversidade e inclusão

Maternidade, principal promotor de desigualdade salarial entre homens e mulheres

Desigualdade de género no trabalho: é urgente agir já

Liderar é, naturalmente, coisa de mulher

Homens feministas precisam-se!

Entre zeros e uns a distância é curta. E no género?

A melhor resolução de… Inês Santos Silva

To see what I’ve read in the past and what I’m reading now, follow me on GoodReads. I’ve also created a channel on Telegram where I share the content I consume. Feel free to join.

Over the past five years (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) I’ve been writing about the books I read (I really read them, audiobooks don’t work for me) and inspired me the most that year. It’s a great way to look back at the year, through the books I read and see how they influenced my personal and professional life.

I started 2019 with a more ambitious goal than I usually have. Even though I only read 12 books in 2018 (shame on me), my goal for 2019 was 30 books. …

Like promised, here is my review of the altMBA.

Why I decided to do it

After leaving my last job as a Special Advisor to the Portuguese Secretary of State for Industry, I realised that I missed structured learning, and since I have mixed feelings about traditional training programs, I decided to look for something different (Hyper Island, KaosPilot, Udacity, etc), and the altMBA stand out for the approach taken (they have a 97% completion rate, which is almost unheard of anywhere else) and because I’m a big fan of Seth’s work.

With the program, I wasn’t looking at developing any specific skills or competencies. I was mainly interested in expanding my horizons, meet interesting…

In designing the Social Value Generator, we wanted to focus on understanding the particularities of social businesses and to define the essential areas for building impact business models.

Thus, we defined that in the Social Value Generator the deep analysis of the problem was essential. Unlike other types of businesses, in the case of impact businesses the identification and analysis of the problem to be solved (as well as its causes) is the identified opportunity. Thus, the use of the Social Value Generator must always begin with the identification of the problem and its causes, answering the questions:

  • What is…

Inês Santos Silva

Ecosystems Builder | Gender Equality | Future of Work. Working in the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and social good. http://inessilva.me

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